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The Challenge

In a short period of time, work with many stakeholders to affordably drive event registrations for a large number of events: NYC Triathlon, Leadville 100 Run/MTB/Camps, 13.1, Esprit de She, Turkey Day.

The Solution

  • Work with stakeholders on site
  • Test multiple ad channels including: Adwords, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Trade Desk
  • Quickly adapt to best performing channels with rapid reporting

Facebook Ads

We ran ads across multiple channels including Facebook.

Pinterest Advertising

We got creative, creating pins and Pinterest advertising to get the word out and get people excited.

Video Advertising

We promoted videos that showed off the events, building interest and anticipation.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We created an advertising strategy that included leveraging branded-searches to upsell clients who missed the main event drawing.


Campaign Success


Client Quote

“Grounds for Promotion truly delivered for us across Facebook and display advertising. They not only helped us exceed our registration goals, they also provided insights that will be priceless for our future campaigns.”
– Courtney Touchstone, Marketing Manager Leadville Race Series

Exceeded Goals

The campaign surpassed it’s goals, driving far more interest and registrations than expected by the client!

Excellent ROI

New registrations came in at an excellent cost-per-registrant.

Exceptional Service

Our client was kept up to date of the status of the campaign. They were never in the dark about the project, and received a full report detailing the entire campaign.

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