Social Media Promotion

The Challenge

Generate mobile app awareness and usage in a niche youth audience where short attention spans rule.

The Solution

A muti-channel approach of:

  • Hitting the audience with advertising across multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Leveraging the existing social base and brand affinity to launch a viral, social media promotion
Social Media Viral Giveaway

Viral Social Media Giveaway

We created a promotion that incented users to follow, share, and invite their friends in exchange for entries to win great gear.
The promo generated thousands of entries and was a big success!

Example Facebook Mobile Ad

We ran ads across multiple social channels including Facebook.


Campaign Success


Social Reverb

The campaign received thousands of social shares, driven by the quality ads and the strategic incentives of the campaign.

Excellent Service

Our client was kept up to date of the status of the campaign. They were never in the dark about the project, and received a full report detailing the entire campaign.

Goals Reached

The campaign delivered on its goals; awareness of the client’s app increased and app usage rose as a direct result of the campaign.

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